Wednesday, 21 June 2017

New Juniper Networks Products, Services Focused On Agility

Juniper's new Cloud-grade networking offerings are designed for both the enterprise and service providers.

Juniper on Tuesday is launching new cloud-grade networking offerings designed to help companies and service providers become more agile.

Specifically, Juniper is trying to address a number of barriers to agility faced by businesses, such as innovation, maintaining the cost of the network and moving forward with existing assets, said Donyel Jones-Williams, Juniper's chief marketing officer.

With this in mind, the company is introducing the June Node Slicing service model, which allows operators to run multiple services or instances on the same router, each with its own administrative domain. Node Slicing effectively brings virtualization to the network and the routers themselves, Jones-Williams explained to ZDNet, creating agility and efficiency in terms of deploying new features.

Juniper is also deploying a universal chassis, enabling customers to standardize deployment of routing and switching across the data center, core and network edge. The universal chassis supports PTX10008, PTX10016, QFX10008, QFX10016 and MX line cards.

"You no longer have to wait months to offer new functionality or a new line card with additional capability based on chassis design," said Jones-Williams. "We now have the ability to advance independent routing types to each other ... so you can innovate at a much faster pace."

Meanwhile, Juniper's new professional services focus on automation. The first new service provides seamless integration of network infrastructure to automate design, test, deployment, and audit network environments. The second service takes automation to the next level, so it is event driven. In other words, a network event, such as deploying a new server, would trigger other events to generate and complete the entire IT workflow.

Juniper is also introducing enhancements to its NorthStar controller around real-time visibility into network traffic and telemetry.

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